Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy and different things in the UAE

There are many things here I have seen and witnessed that are crazy and so very different than what I am used to! And I use the term crazy very loosely because I do respect every aspect of this culture and country.
Some crazy things I've seen/experienced:
            -camels just walking freely around the desert- we were able to get so close to touch them, and when                
                they would walk they didn't care if you were standing right in front of them!
            -goats on the back of a pick up truck on the highway! the bed of the truck was cage-like and
                covered and their heads were sticking out the back and sides just taking in the view!
            -there are no street numbers here- directions are given by landmarks!
            -there was a man jet skiing in the canal by the hotel who was wearing a kandoora and the head
                piece (traditional Arab dress) this man was in the water with the clothes on!
            - there was a woman floating in the Arabian Gulf on a banana looking-chair with her full abaya
                 on- her husband was holding on to the chair. Now there are burkinis which is a bathing suit
                 that covers head to toe... but she was wearing the abaya!
            - a lot of little boys here just swim in their underwear!
            -everything is on Abu Dhabi time, except when driving! Everyone is always in a rush to get
                 somewhere! SPEEDING!!!! They drive like maniacs here! There are so many accidents  
                                     I will be adding more as I see it- Which I am sure I will!!!

I am loving it here! But it is definitely a whole new cultural adventure filled with so many interesting and unexpected experiences!

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