Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Month in Ruwais KG

It has been a while- and I'm sorry!!

The past month has been a whirl wind and has flown by. I cannot believe that we are just wrapping up our 4th week in school! It seems like we just started!!

School is different than the sates.. but similar at the same time.. Everything here is shway-shway meaning slowly.... and since the New School Model is new, everything is trial and error so is always subject to change... and there has to be a meeting for every decision made....

                                                                          My Classroom!

KG2-A Bulletin Board- we got so many compliments on this!!!!

Numeral-Quantitiy Activity

Al Jinan!
(yes that's a boat)


School Gate

All of the Arabic staff are great ladies and I absolutely love teaching at Al Jinan Kindergarten! I feel at home...  almost... things do get very frustrating at times, but there is always someone there who can help work things out..

I am teaching side by side with an Arabic teacher which helps  A LOT!! These kids have no idea what I am saying 95% of the time!! Her and I make a great team and I feel very comfortable teaching with her.

There are 14 children in my class- 6 girls and 8 boys. It can get pretty wild and crazy in KG2-A let me tell you!! The Arabic teachers say the naughty kids are just "active".... active alright.... I love my students, but they drive me up he wall sometimes.. but isn;t it like that everywhere ?!! There's always at least one.. I have 3 or 4... sometimes 5-6.... !!!!!

This teaching experience is one of a lifetime. I am learning so much about myself  as a teacher. I have been told that my teaching is just what my kids need and that I am a perfect fir for the needs of my students.. but sometimes I feel my teaching methods seem not good enough because it seems I am not reaching the students... but I always have to remind myself that if something isn't working I can always change it. I am working with 4 and 5 year olds who cannot understand me!! I have to encourage myself to keep trying because they will start to understand me!! Always think outside the box!

 I'm also working on how to co-teach with 2 languages.. I used to teach in 2 languages.. but I was the only one teaching.. now there are 2 of us and I don't understand the 2nd language..

I'm loving it.. even though things can get real crazy and overwhelming!

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